Qantas…its time to be careful on domestic agents


There is no doubt that Qantas have given Australian Travel Agents a poor deal, mostly since the duo-poly of the 90’s system died, Qantas thinks they can do whatever they like, when they like it and stuff everybody else..up to now this approach has done wonders, for Qantas, for shareholders and for profits, but this is not a good tactic in the long run, Tourism is one of the most volatile businesses in the world and now Qantas are really going to have to work harder than ever to compete in the slow periods forecasted in 09/10, and it will need every ally it can muster to the cause, but at the moment there is a huge chasm between two sections of the Australian Travel Industry that should be working together for the best of the Industry and not dividing it, both sides rely on each other, but Qantas has to realise the precarious position it holds, If Travel Agents and Wholesalers continue to slip away, the benefiters are certainly  Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Virgin (VAustralia), Etihad et all who are going to embrace the extra business with open arms, business once lost will be harder to win back if ever, And Qantas’s biggest cash cows, the Kangaroo Route via Singapore is seriously going to be threatened by Dubai and other middle Eastern hubs and its Pacific Routes by V Australia’s cheaper fares and Delta’s reemergence in Sydney, I am sure that Australian Travel Agents will be more than happy to book clients on these new (hopefully profitable) deals, Also another problem is Qantas’s other cash cow, business travel that will be also flat lined as well over this period or even longer while relying on Jetstar to carry the domestic flag, and there is no doubt that the internet has made agency commissions a thing of the past, but the Airline has to understand that Travel Agents are still its lifeblood, it’s cheap advertising of its products, it’s silent salesmen and women, working together will strengthen our industry, make us both money, and bring new ideas to the table to expand our sales and products to the world either through the internet or direct sales,  Qantas can lose or will, this last cash cow and the faith of a large Industry workforce like it will the other sections of its business, but if they want to compete and stop the cascading drift of business overseas its time for a new approach to the Industry.


Hotels..what now, will 2009 be better, better than what…


What do you do?…always you run the house on demand, and occupancy is number one, but these are strange unusual times in between the travel business’s strange and unusual times, cycles come and go, travel demands always go up and down, but unless you have a Mumbai or Thailand situation you can always see or pretty well guess the right strategy for the coming year, but 2008 was like no year before it, and 2009 will be even worse, to a point when a disaster happens there is still focal point of the situation bottoming out, no matter how bad it will stop sometime, from that position you can slowly rebuild and put ideas into place, but 2009 will be very different as trends and surveys or loading times will be completely turned around on their heads, people are lost after the storm, confused, frightened, that the big black monster of the economic climate is going to devour them and their house, no jobs, no money = no travel…well not for the next ten years anyway, which is complete crap..people will still need to still has to go on.

but 2009 will be a hard hard period, money will not flow, rooms will be empty, but it will take only one or two years to get some balance, so use it to your advantage and not throw the chance away, restructure or renovate, fix your needling problems, even close a wing or two to fix them and clean up problems, yes money will be tight, but maintenance is always spread out over a period anyway, but now you can focus and do everything, and when demand does come back and you will be ready with open arms a new bed and those annoying amenities fixed for them.

Should I lower my Tariff?..yes to a point, the problem in this internet age of bidding online for cheap accommodation is the prices are being blurred, a 5Star is auctioning its last rooms off at $65 or £50 per night is good in one way but really bad in another, It gets to be a normal price fix on the property if it keeps constantly giving rooms away at cost, you have a market and the price is always king, and we have to change that model, if not the costs will always be marginal, people will expect that rate all the time in that market and its not your true PAR, Internet engines will always try to sell the lowest price, and fight each other to get the buyers dollar and that is going to cost you, yes it fills your rooms but it gives you no yield at all, and the more bodies you have at those prices the bigger your problem,s hotels are in business to make money, not be a lovey heart charity as they have the tax breaks and you don’t, so what to do..

get the best price in your market and stick to it, don’t let the Internet engines control you no matter how much they offer, try to put most of the business through your own sites were you can control the pricing and rewards, get the Rack rate and specials to work for you and not turn potential guests off, don’t worry savvy Internet customers will find you if you have what they want at the right price, so there is no need to throw money away of low cost nonprofitable specials, and that is the best way to see past the current climate, keep them coming in, but make a fair profit as well and if the business is very slow you will still make a few dollars on each room, its best to have 60% occupancy making you money than 100% making you nothing, but give rewards to customers if they are loyal..they will come back.

Number one problem with this planet is we have too much of everything, including hotels and airlines, entrepreneurs bless their world domination hearts think that if they keep building these things people will come and come back again, s0 bigger is better and onwards and upwards, 6000 rooms, 10,000 rooms, my wallet is bigger and fatter than yours, so it comes back down to one other thing, usually one upmanship…the biggest bloke on the block wins..

well no not really, because if you have 10 x 6000 room hotels in an area of other 6000 room hotels, then there is no way on god’s earth your going to fill all of them, Las Vegas or no Las Vegas or Macau,my point is that even Hotels built only 4 or 5 years ago are struggling to repay their finance, floors full of empty rooms losing you mountains of RevPAR, so what do you do, you build a bigger better one across the street, I’ve Trumped yours now, so beat that…The important word here is consolidation…no Trump or Wynn knows what the word means or its function, but they will soon, but better still they could even be removed from the market altogether so that managers can do what they are good at, Manage properties, not turn them into sideshow alley of extravagant ego boasting, At least if you are a cruise company and if your market is over supplied like the Caribbean you can send your mega palaces to markets in Asia or Australia, but these mega casinos are routed to the ground, so 2009 will be a disastrous year for these over wrought empty ego building palaces, they will survive, but none more should be built, at least for five years for demand needs to desperately catch up with supply, even then they should be built to real growth demand and not ego.

There is an even bigger oversupply of 5 star Hotel and Resorts as well, some of them will be culled but most are thankfully situated in major cities or major tourist areas that will give them constant if far reduced supply, they will now have to adjust to the new market of abundant cash in short supply, but most of the old school have been there before so they will adapt, in fact they will go back to business as usual, with just a renovation here and there to keep the lights burning, a few have will to down market, some will specialise more to certain markets, but that has been the flavor of the month in last few years anyway so things for them are still to go that way only with now even more focus on their niche.

Its in the low end market it could be the most interesting in 2009, here will it be feast or famine, people shifting down will have to go to smaller cheaper properties, but many chains are already on the very edge of the abyss, they have run their properties like a low cost airline, minimum on everything, mostly staff, and if the occupancy slips a even a slight notch then they are in real trouble, Folio Hotels in the UK have already gone, and far too many are burdened with very high debt, acquiring too many properties the on top of the too bigger bigger unrepayable loans, these quick pop up Hotel Chains are asset huge but very cash poor, it will be here that the market will be hurt the most, and at the time they could have reaped the benefits of their price range, many will close, many will be sold off, large layoffs of staff will happen, and just when we need them the most…consolidation is again a word not in their complex road maps of creating a huge brand, that they forget the basics of business management 101,  too much cash in markets is worse than not enough, when you don’t have enough at least you look at the numbers and the basics to see how you can make the business work, if the numbers don’t work then the buyer will walk away, or wait for a better deal, but in times of abundant, if unlimited funds, the heads of trendy businessmen lose all total perspective of rationality, not just in the Hotel Business but other businesses too, delusions of grandeur abound, upscale is in full swing, some don’t even check if the business is even making money or keep throw unlimited funds at a poor property, they can because its not their money to throw away…or to lose.

…that was the last 10 years, till 2008.

2009 is about firming your ground, knowing your market, and marketing it well, but don’t get me wrong and I love new and trendy, but it needs to happen, the chaf needed to be chaffed, 2008’s economic crisis is a good thing people not a bad one, the heat in the market will be taken away, the poorly managed and over extended will bite the dust, get through this and in a few years your occupancy levels will be steady, demand for your accommodation will be steady, cash flow will be steady, because the demand will be there in your market, the mantra should be to reduce debt and get a good strong cash flow, not the other way around, simple good business sense, and the biggest advantage of all is to invest in good staff, there will be plenty to chose from, so don’t go down again the Low Cost Airline route and get cheap trainable staff, they are in it for the money not for the career, you need good solid reliable staff, cheap staff are cheap and very hard to manage as you have to always manage them and follow up on their mistakes, most in this category are untrainable or not have the personality for hospitality, even McDonalds have untrainable staff, and poor staff  will always lose you custom quickly in face to face contact at the reception, or with poor maintenance, slow room service and sloppy management.

Good staff will manage themselves and make your management role easier,  good staff will keep your guests happy, if your guests are happy, they will come back, and if they come back you will make money….simple really!

Australia….a great big promised land of cross promotion

Australia…The movie is just about to be released (Nov 26) on to an expectant audience, Now I hear you rattling around saying, this is a travel blog, why don’t you write about this in newbluefilm, well the problem is I am not sure really what sort of deal this is, there has never been a shortage of funding for films to push a little about a product or product placement, Star Wars created an empire of not marauding killers roaming a galaxy far, far away but for interstellar profits from toys and other merchandising in creating a hype of a product that was in this case the film itself, in other words each promotes the other, and pays for the film to be made, its called cross promotion.

The poster wants to promote Australia the movie as the next Gone with the Wind, Aussie Style, but as a large sum has come from the Australian Tourist Board then your wanting to get something back for your tourist dollar, and as the tie-in movie ads are out, they don’t look that much different than the big screen epic in style and delivery….and its here I have a problem.

The general idea is to en-trance people to come here (Australia), see the sights, have a great experience, and mostly leave behind lots of your tourist dollars, but for years I have had a big problem with the general perception of Australian advertising mostly for eyes overseas.
The last big hugely successful advertising campaign for Australia was unfortunately with a bridge painter, Paul Hogan was a genuinely funny comedian that made the only commercial Australian worldwide hit, Crocodile Dundee in 1986, so “throw another shrimp on the barbi” was a promotion that tied in with Hogan’s persona and greatness was born, and the tourist dollars rolled in, so then every day since that marketing dream, Australian Tourism has replicated it over and over dismally, until the final act of the last campaign of “Where the bloody hell are you!”, that said more about the Australian Tourism body than about its product, so never short of a good idea, they then went back to basics and funded to the tune of $51 million another major motion picture, in other words… did the same bloody thing again…

I have no problem at all in a film promoting a country, James Bond films are just that, in fact most films are or placed delicately to show off their environments, but Australia is a bit of a doubter, yes it shows off our incredible landscape, top end, Kimberley ranges, wide open spaces and big, big Australia, great, yes brilliant, but……

First the film is set in 1941, and that is sixty seven years ago, not a great promotion for an upandcoming upstart of a country like Aussieland, second, most promotional material shown means that if you come here for a jolly good time, it consists of you, alone on a dusty red deserted outback road, with just a small dusty covered Kangaroo for company, and except for a few whitefellas, the only people you will meet will be aboriginal children and lost bushwalkers doing dreamtiming…or stuck up a tree or alone in a large billabong (pool of water), miles and miles from anywhere, yes you will find yourself, because only you will be out there……alone!

…and dirty….and thirsty….and tired….and hot….and smelly…and hours and hours of dusty travelling boredom and who wants that!

Not me, I want comfort, soft bed, nice pool, cool drinks, mega shopping, beaches, great food, great wine, five star comfort, a ride on a rollercoaster, I’m on holiday for Christ’s sake, not working for a mining company, I want to get away from pain, and yet over and over again Tourism Australia want to plonk you outback in the never, never land where nobody goes except mining engineers go to get away from the wife.

And still they persist from Priscilla, Queen of the desert to almost anything made on film in Australia is shot in bloody nowhere, or scares you to dreamtime nightmares horrors like Wolf Creek or Rogue a killer croc, stranded eons away from anywhere, facing a lonely road death, any promotional film sent out by Tourism Australia or Qantas is shot in nowheresville, deadend Australia………are you surprised nobody is coming here…I’m not!

The few that do come, are really surprised that when you arrive at the airport within a shopping centre in Australia, there are biofuel taxis, not Hugh Jackman and a horse and carriage, and we do have other  mega shopping centres as well, good ones and that our restaurants are magnificent, and you can sit back and relax..cradle a drink while overlooking a great white beach or harbour view, you may argue that “well I can get that at home”, well no, it is still a different environment, Australia is different, the atmosphere is different, food is different, shopping is different, the whole experience is very different and that should be Tourism Australia’s message, same but very different, and most of all so are the people..

Australians are so laid back they are horizontal, they love their cruisy, long lunch, have another wine and look at that amazing view lifestyle, they love their sport (a little too much), outdoorsy, treking, beachgoing, boating, shopping, they work hard but they play even harder, and Australia is usually cheap to eat, stay and be merry, only problem is the long distance flight to get here, but once here, its hard to want to go home, and most who do come think of nothing of coming back again and again.

Its not all bad with a head in the sand attitude, Queensland Tourism have done a better job than most, Their “Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next”, ad was a winner, and backed up with the right lifestyle visuals, “Very Gold Coast”, was a interpretation of the iPod generation Adverts, and that worked very well too, funny thing is Tourism Australia always leaves Queensland out of national campaigns, maybe they think Queensland Tourism doesn’t think they need any help or they loath them, so the market that should see them don’t…the important overseas market.

Every country has its cultural travel icon, “Come see me”, animals abound, China’s Panda, Canada’s Bears, Africa’s Elephants, lions, zebra and pink flamingo’s…….Australia its killer Crocs or Sharks that eat you whole, red back spiders “one bite and you’re dead”…….snakes…..lots of deadly snakes, even Indiana Jones hated snakes, am I getting my point across..

if you go to Australia you will die a lonely painful death…

Film’s in general have a shelf life of seven weeks, yes it is world wide exposure, but basically after two weeks your off the top spot and on the downward spiral, another blimp of life comes when the DVD is released, but then its soon in the discount bin, my second point is $51 million is a waste of money, it works out about a million dollars a day, yes invest in a film, but don’t throw the whole outhouse in on an advert with a cute aborigianal boy speading sawdust and most of the advert showing the dark streets of New York and not Australia…

Australia deserves better…..much better, $51 Million dollars better… is a great place to come and relax, shop, swim, see great vistas, in other words to have a great holiday, we need to sell that….more than a sixty seven year old film.

..have a good one…………(if you visit Australia you find out the meaning of the quote)

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Mr Reid should bear the pain….

Richard Colvin Reid is a lucky man, he is alive and protected from society, his life was awful, prison, graffiti artist, petty crime, his father wasn’t much better, he was angry too and in prison, they hated us and everything else in our world, because we had everything and he had nothing, poverty, pain and then Richard found Islam, and found the way to revelation, not the way to lead a better life, but for an excuse to exact his revenge on society, make us pay the price of his misery, he became the infamous “shoebomber”….

He boarded American Airlines flight 63 from Paris, Charles De Gaulle International Airport on the December 22, 2001 to Miami International Airport, and crudely tried to kill his fellow passengers by trying too ignite explosives hidden in his shoes.

It failed, an alert stewardess Hermis Moutardier (Flight Attendant) saw something was amiss and with fellow passengers subdued and handcuffed the terrorist, it was brave and it saved her life and the lives of the many other passengers and the crew on board the flight, sentenced to 20 years jail he now resides in  Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado…

Mr Reid waged war with the west, for all our failings and we have many, Mr Reid still had choices, a country (United Kingdom) that adopted his Jamaican born family, supported him through welfare, medical and schooling, his life was no picnic, but he did have more choices and chances to have a better life, than most, but he still wanted us to pay for his injustices…..we still do…every day.

Because of Mr Reid’s misadventure and sheer paranoia, the worlds airports are at a standstill literally..yes al-Qaeda are still out there, waiting to get us, causing havoc, its their job and its working wonderfully well, well above expectations, but lets look at the strange facts..

how many aircraft are destroyed by terrorism every year, a few, and you would argue that with all this security it has made us safe from them, and you have a good point, but terrorism like Mr Reid will find a way to get you if he wants too, its like plugging a hole in a dam wall, it leaks here so you cover it, then it leaks there, so you plug that hole, you can’t check everything, so we are now down to banning toothpaste and people’s prescriptions, next it will be passengers false teeth or pulling their wigs off in public, Heathrow has three separate inspection points for shoes, every time you want to fly to sunnie Spain you have to take your shoes off four times, I personally have been standing in an airport down to my underwear and it was in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, I don’t even think a terrorist could know where Tasmania is, or want to move through the airport, even if he wanted to to do his big deed to see the sublime virgins.

The cost is enormous, totally stratospheric, in security, in time, in man/womenpower, in sheer waste of cost, money wasted just for standing around, long queues lasting hours, airports are full of millions people going absolutely nowhere, airlines are going broke daily with slipped timetables and sheer unproductive product, Police services are spending more and more resources every year at airports than in any other branch of their limited budgets, business is being crippled, It has been recorded that business people simply not wanting to do any business with the USofA because of the sheer amount of bureaucracy needed to get in and the ridiculous amount time wasted in ports just wanting to out again, new rules just come into place means if you now need a ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) even if you have a Visa, be fingerprinted?, Scanned, digital photographed, and your ipod, iphone, digital camera cards checked, Its more now like San Quentin and not LAX to arrive in Gods Own Country, which personally I don’t think God would get into, being an Illegal Alien and all that..and no ETA

it’s costing the country billions in lost trade and set up costs, making even ever dissolving Wall Street look profitable, its sheer complete bureaucracy gone mad, and if you were a terrorist, you had to admit you have almost brought the world to its knees by doing almost nothing but spread paranoia, mission accomplished….well done, pass the virgin..

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get on a plane with anyone who wants to set alight their shoelaces and end my tepid little life, but I do want some rational thinking, good well payed, well trained, officers, can do the job that requires millions right now, and yes anyone, who is suspect can be pulled aside and questioned, but If authorities can’t tell the difference from Joe and doris and two kids from Crewe, and Mr Reid from terrorist central, then something is seriously wrong, immigration has been doing this for years, and sometimes overstate their authority by playing god, but the system does work, and can and should be improved, vigilance is still required, but I would personally take my chances with sharing a meal with a terrorist than book a flight to nowhere, and that is the state of the system right now.

Systems need to be simplified, a passport should do what passport is issued for, Its your identity, If you need a DNA test, then lets do it, one number fits all, and don’t let the civil libitarians start screaming, its a big part of their ideology that has caused this mess heap, why do people need six passports?, why… you are born in a country and that is it, done and over, correct identification can sort this mess out, 1 document, 1 person, I am me, end of story……

But terrorists today look like ordinary people, yes they do, but i still perceive it is easier for them to stand out in a calmer environment than a manic one and shifting the bulk of the herd through the turnstiles can make it easier for authorities to spot these small pinpricks of madness,  and before they do their dirty business, awareness is always good, confusion is their cover, this mess makes it easier for them to operate. takeaway this madness and they will have to hide their motives harder…

Richard Reid did his stupidity only three months after 9/11, security and restrictions could not have been higher, and yet he still got through, and today he would still get through, no system will ever stop someone sticking something up their bum and walking on a plane, but a lot has been learnt and put into action, but a line has to be drawn on how far is too far, for something that cannot be eleminated, bring rationality to the table….

As for Mr Reid, he should be cuffed in LAX saying sorry to every passenger whom he has now ruined their holiday, business trip, or visiting a dying relation, it will keep him very busy and give him something to do to take his mind off blowing himself up, realising that other people hurt and its not just about him.

Instead he lives in contented confinement, with time on his hands, to think of…..what to do when he gets out…….

The New Bloody Battlefield…

It is the new war for your almighty passenger dollar, for years airlines sole requirement was to fill planes with as many bodies as possible, it still is, the main  weapon was price, cheaper the seat, the more customers, but cheaper seats is still a low yield, so the only way to get more from less was to add more to less, in other words cram as many seats as you can between the windows, and as many seats between the bulkheads, seat pitch was well as small as you can get away with, and you have to pay for everything from pillows to water, and the in-flight magazine is well history…but that is another story.

But you did make a profit, a small one at that but a profit never the less.

But has it also caused very bad press, Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT are the airline management’s voodoo words of hell, poor customer relations went south as well, cattle class is branded about and is now more well known than economy or coach class, and being too close to your neighbour passenger is a complaint machine, but the response is if you want to fly cheap this is only way we can do it for that cost…so tough.

Cheap flights do allow people who would usually not fly to take the plunge, but how far is to far, on a short domestic or national sector, of say two hours it is not really a problem, we can put up with chronic fidgeting, bad smells, coughing, but for ten hours could be reduced to murder at twenty five thousand feet, you are a prisoner at the edge of space in no space to yourself.

Airlines have also upped their classes by one, First class is now in a class of its own, Business Class is the old First Class, Economy is the old Business Class and there is the lower now bulk cattle class or cheaper tourist seats, its still a bit like moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic as things really haven’t changed really at all, the cheap seats are still cheap and the First Class seats or flying villas are still in the “if you want to know the price you can’t afford it” category….so the real problem is…

Every Airline flying your sectors are fighting you in one area and one area alone ……Price, lower the price the better the chance you have filling your planes, except if you have a bad PR moment and everybody will then fly with your competitors, but passengers have had simply enough, cramped, over policed, congested airports, flight delays, loss of benefits, and not even a cheap seat will now make up the difference… how do get your customers back and make them happy again……service.

But would the passengers pay for it?

I would, if it is fair.

I would pay for a better seat, better food, better entertainment, and most of all better service, I want to be treated as a good customer and not a bum on a seat, and yes I want that at a decent price, But i would pay the extra for it absolutely.

Airlines are now poised for the battle they simply have no choice in, to simply survive they have to deliver, those who do not will fail and go bust.

The main cash cow for any airline is Business Class, or Champagne Class, Premiums are High, good Yields and the customers get the service, excellent service, the rest of you…well you get what you pay for!

What now as the business sector descends into chaos, the 9/11 event will seem a like speck after this comes down, Wall Street will have to fly, ohmygod, Tourist class, and those yields will well disappear…still rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, its not funny anymore.

So the choice is just that you have to make money on the lower classes, to do that prices have to go up, a little, Super Economy does work, People will pay for extra, so it now comes down to being different and not the same, price still counts but its not the main selling point.

The introduction of the new A380 is showing what is happening, space, tons of it gives you flexibility, most Airlines are still selling the premium classes, but this will have to change and quickly, it is the back of the plane that is important now, once ignored, it is now the difference between survival or death, any airline that ignores this segment will be gone, as the rest will be fighting you into the ground for passengers, Air New Zealand are already stripping their planes out, Economy is the new new, ahead of the curve, it will be interesting, it will be bloody, but it will be great, it will be great to look forward to flying again, service, the few who gets it right will win, the few who don’t will be gone or merged, different cabins will now abound, services, food, gifts, blankets, a smile from the steward, and space, glorious space will Prevail, yes it will cost a little more, but it will be worth every cent, as you smile at a former banker from New York, flying like you in Super Economy..

“Cheers mate”.. raise your glass, “its not to bad back here, but you should have seen it a few years ago, bloody awful, great flying again”, he may smile a small smile back, or scowl, but life is better at the back, really great…..

Its a Tough Game..

Who would want to be an Airline CEO these days, every day you come into the office there is another major disaster, and coming from any angle you are prepared for and from places you never dreamed of.

Your faced with dwindling passenger numbers, scared off by prison like security checks, higher prices, bad weather, overcrowded airports, extra baggage charges, check-in equipment failures, Staff in warrior mode wanting more pay for less work, benefits, overstressed and you have to cut their numbers to keep your head just above the water, Airports always in redevelopment, shifting flights from gate to gate just to get your slot, getting in and then out on time, then they have the nerve to increase your already extortionist landing charges to the point of you choking badly on your coffee to pay for it all..

Air Traffic controllers so stressed out they either just walk away, go on strike or do themselves in, either jumping off the tower, or walking out onto a runway in front of a fully loaded 747..

Repairing your equipment is a pain too, your in-house engineers are short staffed and underpaid, OE (Original Equipment) parts are expensive and secondhand or reconditioned parts are well …..dangerous, So you send your equipment offshore, your $600 an hour consultant recommends it..sloppy work and you have no control on were your parts are sourced, but it is cheaper, remember your consultant said so..

Some of your planes are well past 25 years old, they creak, leak, some smell, some are cracking, you are taking tons of parts out of the older ones to keep the others flying, Pilots tell you they are “Flying Junk shithouses”, you say “they are original and reliable and solidly built!”.. and payed for.

Buy new?…3 year waiting list and to buy one new 737-500, you could have a fleet of 737-300’s but who wants those, they are thirsty, noisy and due for their expensive D Check, now.. Wall Street now goes into severe backwards meltdown, and your chances of getting any finance period is limited to replacing your engine starter cart..but only one, for now…sorry.

There is still that plane yard in Arizona?, but it is full of 25 year old planes just like the ones you now own.

Islamabad erupts, Hotel disappears with half of your passengers due to fly out next day, cancel  Islamabad indefinitely.. No make that the whole of Pakistan indefinitely.

and then we get to your fuel problem?

Your hedged Aviation Fuel at 80c a barrel, lasted 3 months, but you put your Fuel surcharges up straight away to keep the cash coming in, but only to $1.20 a barrel, but it went too a $1.60 a barrel, and you are now going broke at 5 million dollars a day, so you hedge again at $1.30 a barrel and the price plummets to 70c a barrel, now you are going broke at 7 million dollars a day, were as only just 2 months ago you had a slight wonderful profit.

worse now your passenger numbers are freefalling, shareholders phone you daily (sometimes hourly) with their plummeting share price, A slight equipment fault is picked up in the media, then they highlight for weeks and weeks on end on national television every small problem you have from running out of paper cups to slight routine maintenance, and that airlines like you are the total major cause of covering the planet with every toxic gas discovered by man and some that are not, laying blame for irresponsible airlines for accelerating the global disaster, killing cows, crops, old people, young people, fish stocks and laying waste to once fertile lands like Libya, and in doing so brilliantly scaring off any of the very few passengers you still have left wanting to fly……

oh and Mrs Diana Hackford-James on Flight 342 in Seat 12A has lost her bag?

It’s in, Istanbul?……………Istanbul!

We don’t even fly to Istanbul!

Good Job those windows are double glazed, I tried though, I ran at them, but they didn’t break..Tomorrow will be better?……..A new day!, what else could happen…I am still insured for the unthinkable, Shit they too went bellyup with the Investment banks…..damn.

George W Bush, nah he’s got no job soon either, maybe he could get a job running an airline, being President couldn’t be harder than running an airline…could it?

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