British Airways…Bah Humbug! to you too travellers

Its our rights, we want you to listen to us, if not then…we will strike over there!

As 90% of the British Airways cabin crews decide to ruin Christmas for everyone involved, you really do wonder at what they will achieve, more money..probably, better conditions..maybe, being fired, yes every chance in hell of that one…and they deserve to be.

I was brought up during the bitter Miners Strikes of the 70’s that achieved the downfall of the British Industry as we know it, so I don’t sing a Union’s praises.

But if you want to achieve your goals in bargaining the first thing you have to do is have pubic opinion and sympathy to your cause on your side, it’s the biggest chip you can bring to the table, but Unite (union) have already blew that one, pretty well everybody now not only loath’s them (that is not just like but hatred), by doing this again at Christmas to try to leverage their case, It failed, your members will be (have been) booed from every corner of the Aviation Globe including here, this sort of blackmail doesn’t get things fixed anymore but drives a wedge between you and pretty well everybody else and even giving sympathy to British Airways, which in most cases is very hard to do, and worse is the very opposite of what the union is trying to achieve.

Worse is the fact that at this time of the year, and boy what a fun year 2009 was with that Global Financial Crisis thingy, is that the very company you are working for (British Airways) is guzzling money at a rate that sends the CFO home looking like a zombie and putting a shaking drink to his mouth to calm the shakes he gets when he looks at the balance sheets, is the fact that in the season to be jolly is one of the few seasons that you can actually put up your airfares and recover some of the debris, which by some strange factor of twelve x fourteen is paying your wages that you  take home at the end of your shift to feed your families and pay your rent and if anything is left over can buy a present for your hunk of a man (same for gay stewards) to give you a hug and cry on Christmas Morn.

Worse still is the fact that come April the British Airways management will cut you up with a knife with sadly our overwhelming support.

You may have a completely valid reason to strike or ruin Christmas, need to be heard, give your side of the situation as companies can be callous bastards and treat their staff with the same regard as street people and vagrants, but this is not an effective strategy to help your cause, in 1969 yes, in 2009 it is close to murder.

You will gain nothing..and you lose everything.

If you are even close to having even a small brain, you may be able to save your job and meet me again in the cabin of a Boeing 777, if you don’t then it is to your loss next year….Merry Christmas.


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