Heathrow squashes a village……


There is a lot of ho-ha about the fate of a village called Sipson that is situated slightly north of the United Kingdom’s largest Airport, Heathrow, It’s about to become a flat piece of tarmac, in other words a third runway for the London Gateway, 700 people are going to get the short shift to nowhere, and the pollutants of big bad aviation will make everyone within a 500 mile radius wear face masks and have cancer and bugger what else, daft decision, big brother trampling on good home owners of decent descent, lobbyists crying fowl…it’s outrageous, disgusting, bad, painful, how could they do this to us, we are decent god fearing people being bullied around…….those big uncaring bastards the government and big business.

I understand that losing your home and your community is a painful thing, people born, raised and die in their lifetime like to know what home is, roots, friends, neighbours, acquaintances that you meet everyday and not know their name but say hello too and know them because they live by you, and are part of your life, it will all be gone soon because you will have to move too Torquay or Bath.

For politicians this was the evil decision, you lose which way you go, yes or no, but they have to make a decision and they make it on facts and what they hope is right..not on bias or emotional and mainly not on minority groups using the decision to further their own agenda, and yes i mean you Greenpeace, I like Greenpeace but it is more about them than what is right, that has me bothered, sell your land now because it is a stupid thing to do, and move on and save Antarctica, it is a more willing cause.

But first I would like to deal with a another craw of propaganda that is the token of the media and what else nowadays, the green debate, fouling the world of despicable pollutants of the sheer killing of millions per year, Global Warming proportions…that is really making me bang my fist in sheer anger of stupidness..

Aviation is a monster of gigantic proportions and is killing all of us, dead….deadly toxic fumes and cancer is raining down on us from the heavens in black death proportions every time a plane takes off or lands, we demand better, and, and…….la de da da…..crap.

What a load of crap…crap…crap…crap…Greenpeace Crap

Got my point..good, that is now off my chest.

First out of 100% of total pollutants created the whole Aviation industry, that is everything from hangliders to an A380 Airbus they create 9% of the emitiants, that is only 9%!, when you light your fire to keep you warm at night you are creating..30%, drive your car..40% and so on, you are a far worse polluter just doing your everyday jobs than the whole Aviation Industry will ever be…..and they are at least getting better at looking after the planet than what anybody else has have ever done since you were born.

but still they keep banging on about they will cause us to gasp our last gasp and then they all go to the Airport get on a plane and go home…including Greenpeace, morons, contradiction of shear ineptitude of their own self importance, they are the problem not the moral voice.

In the 1960’s Aircraft were dirty, very smoky and noisy  but as there was only about two thousand of them flying over our heads so it didn’t make that much of a impact, fair enough, but since the revolution of the High Bypass engine things have got a lot better, in the US there is approximately 50,000 flights per day, and 7,000 takeoffs every hour, so you can’t expect with that sort of volume not to have an impact, but engine technology as gone forward in huge jumps of efficiency that are staggering by other transport standards, new generation aircraft like the Airbus A380 has 17% less fuel burn than the Boeing 747-400, the one it will replace, while carrying 20% more passengers, the New Boeing 787 will have 30% lower fuel burn than the Boeing 767 the aircraft that machine will replace while the NOx emissions are about 46% less per aircraft than the 767, that is nearly half, yes half the pollutants that the same aircraft delivers  today, which are still excellent if not exceptional compared to their 1970’s retired designs, but still aviation is pushing forward on the geared turbo fan that will re-engine fleets flying today will be 15% more cleaner and more efficient, and the use of recent trials of Bio-Fuels will help more in the emissions of cleaner air from these powerplants, IATA notes “that In 2008 alone airlines saved 15 million tonnes of CO2 with more streamlined procedures, which amounted to US$5 billion worth in savings”…and still Aviation looking even more forward to better still to programs to reduce emissions and the effects of their engines on the environment, again IATA notes “Using its four pillar strategy, IATA forecasts that the aviation industry will reduce its emission by 4.5% in 2009“, and they are doing that continuously, constantly, investing in new expensive technology to make your world better, while providing you with a service that is essential for the world to function in its modern climate.

My point is if the car you drive in the 70’s had seen the same evolution of efficiency that Aviation has produced now flying, your car would do about 250mpg and create only 8% of the pollutants it did in back then, do you drive that car, no, but you do fly on that aircraft and an industry that has worked to produce a product that is very efficient, and by the time the Heathrow’s third runway is operational, 80% of the aircraft flying in and out of that facility will be new or re-engined to those cleaner highly monitored statistics.

Do I work for an airline.. no, the government.. no, I do work in travel, so I see the benefits everyday, and like you is very grateful of an excellent system that has tried to do the right thing, and has done, not just talked about it, unlike car companies and power utilities that have taken our money and are now looking for handouts to fix their non-existent emissions and 70’s style inefficiency…i’m angry yes, because it is justified, but when it comes to paying these morons, it will be from taxes gathered at airports that is burdening an industry that has already done the right thing, not looked the other way. and angry at the media for constantly flouting the very industry that has tried to create a better transport system, that its very own problems are caused by its own success, and which the media use everyday for their job, so they should know better.

Which brings us to Heathrow, in our business its called Deathrow, why, because its position next on of the worlds largest cities, has created a demand by us, that has overwhelmed the infrastructure faster than you can build it, Unlike Dubai, Heathrow is situated in an old economy, around London there is no space to build a super gigantic airport that will just roll out into the desert, no matter where they build anything here, there will be people there, born there, died there, breed cockatoos there, England is a very small place with millions of people trying to survive on a space the size of an ironing board.

67 Million passengers a year will flow through these buildings, that is nearly all of the United Kingdom’s population one by one going through its doors, so what are you going to to, close it down, move it, when Heathrow was  first opened as a major gateway in 1953, the Terminal was called the Europa building, it then saw a trickle of passengers that accelerated to 14 million by 1968, it was fixed up, patched up and ad-hocked year after year, every year after that to cater for the the ever increasing hoards, so we complained about it, did nothing about it, just complained, but Deathrow is bulging at its seams, its a miracle it coped so well, but in this day and age its just not good enough, coming from Hong Kong or even Communist China, it feels like well..Deathrow, not a brilliant gateway or any sort of reflection on a modern country that prides itself on that “Britain is best”, in other words is a disgrace on our culture, we should be ashamed of it, and what do we do, we complain even more and make it as bloody hard as possible to fix it, its our fault, we should be ashamed of our backward thinking and head in the sand rhetoric.

It took 15 years to build Terminal 5, 15 years of what, to build something on empty airport land, it uprouted no one and why are there people there?, when Heathrow was started it was a few villages around an old RAF airbase and that was it, we didn’t ask you to build hundreds of houses under the flightpaths and right up to the airport fence, they came after, way after the fact and the airport was already there, if you move close to and live next to an airport and a major gateway it will be busy, noisy, expensive, its a major port, its important, it makes the country a lot of money and allows services like newspapers to be delivered daily to your door, it services you, your needs, your standards, your country, and the infrastructure required to do this is enormous, hotels, car hire, engineering, food, shops..15 years of waiting caused so much pain and loss of income, jobs and for what, nothing, and now its all going to start again at Sipson, most people living around Heathrow to the north are connected to Heathrow in one form or another that if you said to the workers in Sipson, we will close it down and be done with it, no doubt their first cry will be , “you can’t do that its my job”!, so what do you do, people are a pain sometimes, they want something that suits them one way, but don’t you dare change it because that is going to cost me my job or income, Heathrow can’t but help get bigger, and you can’t move it to Luton, Stanstead or Gatwick, they are just too far away to service London, whether you like it our not you are stuck with Heathrow, if you don’t like the smell then move, its a free country, no one is stopping you staying there, but don’t complain about it if it puts food on your table and pays your mortgage, but most of all accept that this is the first place the world will see of our country, so it should be the best damn airport in the world, we want you to come, be proud of our homeland, hold out our arms in friendship, but that will not happen with a load of old codgers that hate everything that won’t change anything that doesn’t suit them.

The world is changing, airports are the main ports today and are vital to the country, stifle them and you are costing the country money, mostly jobs and travel money, it flows on if people don’t come to Heathrow, they won’t get a taxi to the city, stay in a hotel, go see a show, have a meal, buy a souvenir, buy a sweater in Oxford street, that means for every traveller that goes to Dubai instead of London, you lose a cab fare, hotel bill, show ticket, over priced trinket, and wool off the sheep’s back, that is money, and that is jobs, lots of jobs, your job..would you rather that money go to an Arab, because he has a brilliant Airport, Massive amazing hotels, huge shopping malls, sunshine and camel hair sweatshirts, no of course not but that is what you are up-against, and the Arabs will win, because their airport is bloody brilliant and ours is a musty inefficient, backward, 50 year old terminal, like our countrymen and women.

Sipson not about the environment, its about change, and only change can fix the environment, how many flights from Heathrow did Emma Thompson make last year, or any airport to that fact as she is the cause of the damage and not the airport, the aviation industry is trying it’s best to do something, then why don’t you, at home, by forcing manufactures to build efficient cars, then lower your dependence on power, or stop household waste by not buying shit and expensive packaging and do the right thing yourself before sitting out all night on where a runway should be, trying to stop people or goods flying in or out is not going to work, its the way we survive, its jobs and money for families, flying is not going away, stopping the third runway will not stop planes coming to the United Kingdom, it will send them elsewhere with your money in their pockets, and the ongoing effect is everyone’s loss.

We should be applauding people that are willing to invest in our future, not want to put a shovel through them, they are our future, our jobs and the face of our country to the world, make Deathrow.. Heathrow again and be proud of it, it may even put the Great back into Great Britain again…but somehow, it just seems to against our character of a land of moaners and groaners….of why everyone else is doing better than us, well chaps its time to have look in your own backyard to see why.


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