Mr Reid should bear the pain….

Richard Colvin Reid is a lucky man, he is alive and protected from society, his life was awful, prison, graffiti artist, petty crime, his father wasn’t much better, he was angry too and in prison, they hated us and everything else in our world, because we had everything and he had nothing, poverty, pain and then Richard found Islam, and found the way to revelation, not the way to lead a better life, but for an excuse to exact his revenge on society, make us pay the price of his misery, he became the infamous “shoebomber”….

He boarded American Airlines flight 63 from Paris, Charles De Gaulle International Airport on the December 22, 2001 to Miami International Airport, and crudely tried to kill his fellow passengers by trying too ignite explosives hidden in his shoes.

It failed, an alert stewardess Hermis Moutardier (Flight Attendant) saw something was amiss and with fellow passengers subdued and handcuffed the terrorist, it was brave and it saved her life and the lives of the many other passengers and the crew on board the flight, sentenced to 20 years jail he now resides in  Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado…

Mr Reid waged war with the west, for all our failings and we have many, Mr Reid still had choices, a country (United Kingdom) that adopted his Jamaican born family, supported him through welfare, medical and schooling, his life was no picnic, but he did have more choices and chances to have a better life, than most, but he still wanted us to pay for his injustices…..we still do…every day.

Because of Mr Reid’s misadventure and sheer paranoia, the worlds airports are at a standstill literally..yes al-Qaeda are still out there, waiting to get us, causing havoc, its their job and its working wonderfully well, well above expectations, but lets look at the strange facts..

how many aircraft are destroyed by terrorism every year, a few, and you would argue that with all this security it has made us safe from them, and you have a good point, but terrorism like Mr Reid will find a way to get you if he wants too, its like plugging a hole in a dam wall, it leaks here so you cover it, then it leaks there, so you plug that hole, you can’t check everything, so we are now down to banning toothpaste and people’s prescriptions, next it will be passengers false teeth or pulling their wigs off in public, Heathrow has three separate inspection points for shoes, every time you want to fly to sunnie Spain you have to take your shoes off four times, I personally have been standing in an airport down to my underwear and it was in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, I don’t even think a terrorist could know where Tasmania is, or want to move through the airport, even if he wanted to to do his big deed to see the sublime virgins.

The cost is enormous, totally stratospheric, in security, in time, in man/womenpower, in sheer waste of cost, money wasted just for standing around, long queues lasting hours, airports are full of millions people going absolutely nowhere, airlines are going broke daily with slipped timetables and sheer unproductive product, Police services are spending more and more resources every year at airports than in any other branch of their limited budgets, business is being crippled, It has been recorded that business people simply not wanting to do any business with the USofA because of the sheer amount of bureaucracy needed to get in and the ridiculous amount time wasted in ports just wanting to out again, new rules just come into place means if you now need a ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) even if you have a Visa, be fingerprinted?, Scanned, digital photographed, and your ipod, iphone, digital camera cards checked, Its more now like San Quentin and not LAX to arrive in Gods Own Country, which personally I don’t think God would get into, being an Illegal Alien and all that..and no ETA

it’s costing the country billions in lost trade and set up costs, making even ever dissolving Wall Street look profitable, its sheer complete bureaucracy gone mad, and if you were a terrorist, you had to admit you have almost brought the world to its knees by doing almost nothing but spread paranoia, mission accomplished….well done, pass the virgin..

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to get on a plane with anyone who wants to set alight their shoelaces and end my tepid little life, but I do want some rational thinking, good well payed, well trained, officers, can do the job that requires millions right now, and yes anyone, who is suspect can be pulled aside and questioned, but If authorities can’t tell the difference from Joe and doris and two kids from Crewe, and Mr Reid from terrorist central, then something is seriously wrong, immigration has been doing this for years, and sometimes overstate their authority by playing god, but the system does work, and can and should be improved, vigilance is still required, but I would personally take my chances with sharing a meal with a terrorist than book a flight to nowhere, and that is the state of the system right now.

Systems need to be simplified, a passport should do what passport is issued for, Its your identity, If you need a DNA test, then lets do it, one number fits all, and don’t let the civil libitarians start screaming, its a big part of their ideology that has caused this mess heap, why do people need six passports?, why… you are born in a country and that is it, done and over, correct identification can sort this mess out, 1 document, 1 person, I am me, end of story……

But terrorists today look like ordinary people, yes they do, but i still perceive it is easier for them to stand out in a calmer environment than a manic one and shifting the bulk of the herd through the turnstiles can make it easier for authorities to spot these small pinpricks of madness,  and before they do their dirty business, awareness is always good, confusion is their cover, this mess makes it easier for them to operate. takeaway this madness and they will have to hide their motives harder…

Richard Reid did his stupidity only three months after 9/11, security and restrictions could not have been higher, and yet he still got through, and today he would still get through, no system will ever stop someone sticking something up their bum and walking on a plane, but a lot has been learnt and put into action, but a line has to be drawn on how far is too far, for something that cannot be eleminated, bring rationality to the table….

As for Mr Reid, he should be cuffed in LAX saying sorry to every passenger whom he has now ruined their holiday, business trip, or visiting a dying relation, it will keep him very busy and give him something to do to take his mind off blowing himself up, realising that other people hurt and its not just about him.

Instead he lives in contented confinement, with time on his hands, to think of…..what to do when he gets out…….


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